Election endorsements 2014

Ohio Governor - Ed FitzGerald
Ohio Attorney General - David Pepper
Ohio Auditor - John Patrick Carney
Secretary of State - Nina Turner
Treasurer - Connie Pillich
Ohio Supreme Court - Judi French, Sharon Kennedy
US Congressional District 8 - Tom Poetter
Ohio House District 53 - Suzi Rubin
Ohio State School Board, District 3 - Sarah Roberts
Butler County Auditor - Roger Reynolds
Butler County Commissioner - Brenda Williams
Butler County Mental Health Levy - Yes
Oxford Electric Aggregation - Yes
Oxford Twp. Fire Levy - Yes
Oxford Twp. Police Levy - Yes

cancer anniversary

Seven years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As of my recent MRI there is no evidence of disease. Thank you to everyone who supported me through that trying time. I could not have gotten through without each and every one of you.

Edit After looking back at lj entries, I discovered I was actually diagnosed on June 18th. I knew it was close to Summer Solstice.

Bubbles in the snow

Bubbles really do freeze when it's zero degrees outside! I finally got it to work. Unfortunately my night time photography skills aren't great, so I have no proof. But I now believe!
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